KeyChain Pay Welcome Offer:
Waive 3rd Month Transaction Fee

New users who set up a Smart Contract up to 6 months or above with KeyChain Pay can enjoy the transaction fee waiver in the 3rd month* by redeeming the offer from MoneyBack.

*The rent amount on the Smart Contract must be set at HK$10,000 or above, and the waived transaction fee will be capped at HK$200.

How to waive the transaction fee?

Get promo code from MoneyBack App
Enter promo code in the Promotion Code field
Set up Smart Contract 6 months or above
*For online application, please input the promotion code in the payment info section
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Terms & Conditions

  1. The “KeyChain Pay Welcome Offer: Waive 3rd Transaction Fee” Program (the “Program”) is only applicable to clients (“Eligible Clients”) who
    • open a new account with KeyChain Pay during the Promotion Period. The new account requires using an email address and a contact number which have not been used in KeyChain Pay; and,
    • set up a 6-month-or-above Smart Contract in KeyChain Pay APP or Web Portal. The Smart Contract requires a legitimate and stamped tenancy agreement that has not been used in KeyChain Pay to set up; and,
    • set monthly rent on the Smart Contract at HK$10,000 or above.
  2. Eligible Clients must fill in the field of Promotion Code with the valid promotion code redeemed from MoneyBack APP. If no information is found in the field, such account will not be recognised as Eligible Clients without any notice.
  3. Each KeyChain Pay account can enjoy the Program once.
  4. The waived transaction fee in the Program will be capped at HK$200.
  5. The Program cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, including “Exclusive Privileges for HSBC Credit Card”, “Master Your Living. Mastercard® Discount”, and “KeyChain Pay Welcome Offer: 500 MoneyBack Points”.
  6. The Program is for redemption on or before 31 March 2023, and it shall be invalid after the expiry date.
  7. The Program is not transferable, redeemed or exchanged for cash/other products.
  8. If Eligible Clients terminate the Smart Contract or fail to pay his/her full rent including deposit and disbursement fees, if any, in any month after taking the waiver, the 3rd Month Transaction Fee Waiver will be terminated and charged back at any reasonable time by KeyChain Pay.
  9. General terms and conditions apply. Please refer to HERE.
  10. In case of any dispute, fraud or abuse, KeyChain Pay reserves the right at any time to cancel or forfeit the Program directly from relevant bank card account and to recover any costs and loss without prior notice.
  11. KeyChain Pay reserves the right to alter, extend or terminate the Program and amend these terms and conditions at our discretion. All matters or disputes will be subject to KeyChain Pay, whose decision shall be final and binding.
  12. If there is any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.